Always developing ...

A passionate .NET developer with fifteen years' experience developing solutions for international markets.

Always listening ...

Love being client facing and learning new business domains.

Passionate about requirements and stakeholder satisfaction.

Planning things out ...

Architecting scalable, resilient cloud solutions be that microservices, public RESTful APIs, asynchronous messaging/event-driven systems to traditional MVC/MVVM fronted by the latest Javascript frameworks.

And learn any new ingredients that might be needed.

Getting things done ...

Project-management skills including agile, kanban, sprint/release rituals, work breakdown and targeting.

Helping people grow ...

A coach and mentor committed to the growth and development of team members.

And learning from my peers.

Leading in the community ...

Architect and lead on the OSS resilience library Polly.

My community engagement and technical vision has taken the library to multi-million downloads.

Polly was accepted into the .NET Foundation autumn 2016 - one of only twenty-five non-Microsoft projects worldwide at the time.

Committer to ASP.NET Core, working directly with the ASP.NET Core team based in Seattle to integrate Polly into ASP.NET Core.

Experienced leading hackathons, workshops and speaking about OSS.

I am a member of the AppvNext consortium of developers, led by industry veteran Carl Franklin of Dot Net Rocks.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty...

Ok, for the acronym fest:
Azure Compute (AppService, Functions, Durable Functions, Entity Functions), Storage (CosmosDB, Azure Storage, Azure Redis cache etc), Integration (Service Bus, Event Grid), Configuration and DevOps (ARM templates, AppInsights, Alerts, Metrics, Log Analytics, InfluxDB/Grafana, Monitor, Traffic Manager, API Management, App Configuration, Key Vault), Asp.Net Core, .Net Core/Standard, microservices, resilience in distributed systems/the cloud, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Web API, REST, RabbitMQ, Polly, Entity Framework, nHibernate, NPoco, SQLServer, MongoDB, Bootstrap, CSS, AJAX, React, JQuery, WPF/XAML, XML, XSLT, UAT, TDD, Moq, NUnit, XUnit, Fluent Assertions, Cake, Git, TFS, AppVeyor, TeamCity, dependency injection/IoC, SAML/SSO. All backed by strong OO design skills.

Reaching out ...

Based in south-west UK, within reach of London.

Happy in-house or remote - proven highly-effective remote worker.

And keeping on my toes ...

Variously past and present I've been a commissioned and published travel photographer, field botanist, trained copy-editor/proofreader, pianist in a jazz band, and chair of a charity.

Get in touch

Full CV available to interested parties; or call +44/0 7913 629454 to talk.